The Spring Equinox Arrives with a Fresh Start of Warm Breeze: 133rd Canton Fair to Invite Global Buyers to Explore the Spring with High-Quality Products

GUANGZHOU, China, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The spring equinox is one of the twenty-four solar terms in traditional Chinese calendars, which means the northern hemisphere, from the day onward, will step into the warm spring, rejuvenating after a long, harsh winter. At the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”), all kinds of high-quality exhibits that complement the bright spring gathered, providing new ideas for consumers in the northern hemisphere to appreciate the spring and enjoy quality life.

On a beautiful spring day, traveling with family, friends, and pets is a great choice for leisure time. The VOOCOO pet travel bag brought by Shenzhen Zou Design Industrial Design Co. Ltd. combines the design inspiration of women’s fashion bags and trendy men’s shoulder bags, providing a better choice for pet lovers to take their pets for outings.

The pet travel bag won the Silver Award of 2022 CF Award for its ingenious and exquisite design, enduring quality, and the concept of environmental protection. The pet travel bag uses the recyclable and reusable materials, such as microfiber leather, OXFORD fabric, zinc alloy, and nylon, to combine environmental protection and fashion.

With an innovative circular opening and pocket-like opening and closing design, the pet travel bag maximizes space. Pet lovers can take their pets on a fun springtime outing with the pet bag made with reinforced nylon mesh, which greatly enhances the safety of pets.

The Bobby Chair exhibited by Guangzhou BKAI Imp&Exp the Canton Fair is the best choice for outdoor leisure in spring. This product, also the winner of the Silver Award of the 2022 CF Award, follows the design concept of environmental protection and is applied with outdoor environmental protection PE rattan and rib rattan weaving technology, providing waterproof, corrosion resistance, and diversified functions. A unique circular space under the seat can be used as a pet house, as well as a storage space according to the user’s own needs, which will make home life and outdoor leisure more comfortable.

A variety of cutting-edge exhibits with both innovation and ingenuity gathered at the Canton Fair, to meet the consumption needs of people in different countries and regions. The 133rd Canton Fair will be held both online and offline in April, enabling global traders to experience even more new highlights and features of this session.

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