Sigenstor: Redefining All-in-One Energy Solutions

MUNICH, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sigenergy, a leading energy innovator, presents SigenStor, an extraordinary 5-in-1 energy storage system that revolutionizes the industry landscape. Seamlessly integrating PV Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS, SigenStor establishes an unparalleled benchmark for versatility and scalability.

SigenStor represents a paradigm-shifting breakthrough in the renewable energy landscape,Tony Xu, Founder and CEO of Sigenergy, said. “With a groundbreaking development concept, we have optimized energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and empowered homes and businesses to achieve true energy independence.

SigenStor, 5-in-1 energy storage system

SigenStor defies industry conventions to emerge as the ultimate energy storage solution, boasting the following remarkable highlights:

  • Industry’s first 5-in-1 energy solution with a seamless 15-minute installation:

SigenStor sets new standards of efficiency with its quick connectors and elimination of external battery wiring, enabling an astonishing 15-minute[1] installation time. This delivers a remarkable 70% increase in efficiency compared to traditional solutions. Leveraging the system’s auto networking and fast ethernet communication features, commissioning becomes swift, requiring a mere 5 minutes, including a seamless 2-minute OTA (Over-the-Air) configuration.

  • Highest standard with 5-layer protection for paramount safety:

Safety lies at the heart of Sigenergy’s commitment, as the company exceeds existing safety standards with the robust SigenStor system. Boasting 5 layers of comprehensive protection measures, including advanced temperature sensors, an internal fire extinguisher, aerogel-insulated pads, decompression valves, and high-temperature resistant insulated pads, SigenStor ensures safety hazards are proactively controlled from the outset.

  • World’s first company to launch Energy App empowered by GPT-4:

Embracing the boundless potential of AI, Sigenergy introduces mySigen App, a groundbreaking, self-developed application that empowers users with complete system visibility and interactive AI-driven smart features. As the first in the industry to adopt GPT-4, Sigen AI emerges as the most intelligent service assistant, capable of handling various tasks such as answering questions and troubleshooting. Compatible with major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, Sigenergy ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience across devices, allowing convenient control and monitoring of your energy system.

  • Industry-leading 5-millisecond switching to backup mode for uninterrupted power supply:

During outages, SigenStor, in conjunction with Sigen Energy Gateway, offers unmatched reliability with seamless backup switching in a mere 5 milliseconds for on-grid scenarios, and an instantaneous 0 milliseconds when used with a generator. This uninterrupted power supply solution instills unwavering confidence and unparalleled peace of mind, establishing it as the industry’s leading-edge technology.

  • More features to make SigenStor the first choice for homes and businesses:

At the core of SigenStor’s stackable design lies adaptability. It offers unrivaled scalability, accommodating from 1 to 6 batteries, providing an impressive capacity of up to 48 kWh to fully meet diverse energy needs. SigenStor’s integrated EV DC charging module achieves rapid charging, delivering an astonishing 130 km mileage in just 1 hour. Moreover, SigenStor is V2X ready, enabling the supply of power to home appliances during outages, ensuring an extra reliable power source.

Discover how SigenStor, the groundbreaking 5-in-1 energy storage system, is transforming the renewable energy landscape at and embrace true energy independence.

About Sigenergy

Sigenergy focuses on developing cutting-edge home and business energy solutions, with products ranging from energy storage systems to solar inverters and EV chargers. Our world-class R&D team of hundreds of top industry experts shares the vision of making the world greener via continuous innovation. With global sales and services, we aim to become our customers’ most trusted partner on their journey to a more sustainable future.

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[1] Installation time for 1 (Sigen Energy Controller/Sigen Storage Controller) +3 (batteries) configurations.

SigenStor integrates PV Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS

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