Hong Kong Ambassadors Club Set to Revitalise Hong Kong for Greater Business Success with Seasoned Team Connecting to Top Global Investors

Hong Kong, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Co-founded by the Hon Jeffrey Lam, GBS, JP and Patrick Tsang, the Hong Kong Ambassadors Club (“HKAC”), was officially inaugurated in the Four Seasons Hotel officiating by government officials, consul generals and business magnates, with the vision of “Hong Kong 3.0 – Prosperity Connected Globally”.

The HKAC is set to be a facilitator and promoter of Hong Kong by collaborating with global investors and international business community to host influential events as well as being a bridge between private and public sectors. The HKAC aims to connect further ecosystem in strategic global regions such as the Middle East and build stronger economic and investment partnership for the business network and friends towards Hong Kong.

The Hon Jeffrey Lam, GBS, JP, Founder of the HKAC, Member of the Legislative Council and the Executive Council, stated, “Hong Kong is thriving again once more as a global financial hub. We continue to work with all financial centres internationally including the Middle East region. Hence, the Club bears a crucial role and responsibility for fostering friendlier business cultures, shared values and city images.”

Patrick Tsang, Founder of the HKAC, Chairman of the Tsangs Group, stated, “Hong Kong is best known as a financial powerhouse in international trade and investment and boasts one of the world’s top stock markets, with the border reopening, it is now time for us to rejuvenate the Hong Kong market and tell our existing and potential partners overseas the advantages of Hong Kong to drive the economic growth and explore new sources of opportunities – the reason we started this initiative.”

Andre Kwok, Executive Director of the HKAC, added, “The Club is planning to organise bilateral trade business and investment delegation visits among strategic markets for Hong Kong. We will also offer our members unique opportunities.”

About Hong Kong Ambassadors Club

Hong Kong Ambassadors Club is an organisation for global investors and professionals seeking to deepen ties, build connections, and participate in intimate and high-level conversations with Hong Kong’s best, while obtaining critical information and celebrating the unique culture and spirit of its people.

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